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our partners need to make sure their clients are accreditated and in good standing

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This is an excellent initiative. Please continue and keep up. I was so happy to see that I could just share my digital seal with anyone who wants to verify/evaluate my qualifications in a hassle free way. It is fast and reusable.

Takong Roland

SAQA eSCoE Holder

Having the Privyseal confirms my professional credentials and allows for clients to check that the person they are dealing with is registered and qualified. It also serves as a protection for the public.

Kim Bailey

Estate Agent Pam Golding

The EAAB has partnered with PrivySeal to deliver on the EAAB’s key mandate to protect property consumers and registered agents. We are delighted by the response from industry and believe this consumer protection initiative to be one of the most successful in the history of the EAAB.

Bryan Chaplog

CEO, Estate Agency Affairs Board

We are proud of this project and the electronic SAQA Certificate of Evaluation. Going digital in this way puts SAQA at the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution which embraces digitisation and its benefits. This development builds on the efforts SAQA has made to ensure quicker and more efficient evaluation of foreign qualifications through the establishment of the African Qualifications Verification Network in 2016, as well as the Southern African Development Community Qualifications Verification Network in 2017, and SAQA’s on-going work with members of the Groningen Declaration Network.

Joe Samuels


We believe that the PrivySeal Digital Accreditation process is an effective means of driving increased compliance, improve data integrity and increase revenue.

Nomvula Rakolote

Registrar SACPCMP

In my business I find the PrivySeal an excellent way to endorse my qualifications and show clients that I contribute to the Fidelity Fund of the EAAB. This is important for clients to know that they are transacting with a safe, qualified and accountable professional in the Real Estate industry

Mariël Burger

Estate Agent

Privyseal has proven particularly useful and highly appropriate to me as an agent in this industry which attracts so many fly by nights who have no formal training and have no formal property qualification of any sort. It is imperative and vital that the public need to know that they are dealing with a registered, qualified agent in good standing with the necessary valid and paid up FFC.. In most cases, a sale of property is the single most important, and the largest in Rand value, that a seller negotiates – thus the authentication of the agent representing the client is in fact vitally important. This is where Privyseal becomes all important and a strong differentiator.

Paul Levy

Estate Agent Pam Golding


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or other professional body, business or organisation (to provide your members, licensees, graduates,
registrants or employees with Privyseals) or just have a question please get in touch.


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