PrivySeal provides Organisations with Digital Authentication Services that reduce risk, increase compliance and build trust.

Our Digital Accreditation Service will help your Organisation to:

  • protect the integrity of your qualifications, designations, standards and licenses;
  • reassure the Public that they are dealing with a bona fide Registrant / Professional / Graduate / Licensee in good standing with your Organisation;
  • motivate your members to update their contact information and ensure they remain compliant and/or in good standing with your Organisation;
  • verify the contact details of your members and increase the data integrity of your core Organisational member information;
Are you an individual, not representing an Organisation? Please go here to get your Privyseal.

Privyseals are inserted in email signatures, websites, social and other media to prove academic, professional, corporate and other qualifications.

How It Works

Once your Organisation has signed-up with PrivySeal, you may use our secure API/web service to provide us with real-time access to your authoritative member, registrant, alumni or other data. With that look-up in place, when your members, registrants, alumnae register, we shall:
  • securely match end-users (your members, registrants, alumnae, etc) against the verified qualification information;
  • confirm the identity of the end-user using two or three factor verification; and then
  • issue digital accreditation seals and certificates ("Privyseals") to matched end-users that confirm their qualifications in real time.

Our Privyseals and linked Verification Certificates:

  • are always genuine, current and accessible, unlike paper based certifications;
  • provide constantly updated information;
  • allow end-users to showcase their expertise and compliance;
  • protect the Public by distinguishing between legitimate and bogus claims and compliant and non-compliant persons;
  • reward the significant ongoing costs of compliance; and
  • support the core functions of Academic Institutions, Regulators, Professional Bodies and Corporations.

A Privyseal may be used to evidence any designation, qualification, standard or license.

Should your Organisation wish to offer Privyseals to your members, registrants, alumnae, etc, simply fill in the sign-up form.

About PrivySeal

Can we be trusted?
Yes! You can trust us to protect your end-users' data and provide a reliable and professional Digital Accreditation Service for the following reasons:
  • We already provide Digital Accreditation Services to Government, Statutory, Professional and other Industry Bodies;
  • We make use of individual public and private key combinations to individually secure the information of every end-user;
  • We abide by the data protection laws of the territories in which our Clients operate.

Points to Note

  1. Any and all information provided to us will be treated in strict confidence and will not be disclosed to any person unless we are compelled to do so by order of a court of competent jurisdiction. Any information you provide us with will be deleted by us on receipt of your written request.
  2. Our Standard Terms and Conditions may be viewed here.
  3. We shall make contact with you once we have your Organisation's details.
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