PrivySeal confirms the authenticity of credentials
and transactions in real-time.
Global trust
Enhance Trust

Enhance Trust

Your PrivySeal is your "rubber-stamp"
of authenticity. People who deal
with you can trust that your
credentials are valid.

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Digital Signatures

Digital Signatures

PrivySeals may be embedded into our
Extended Digital Signatures to allow
files to be signed in your professional capacity or in another role.

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Real-time Verification

Real-time Verification

Each PrivySeal is date-stamped to the
time it was last verified. A PrivySeal
becomes invalid when the
verification it depends on fails.

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What is a PrivySeal?

A PrivySeal is a digital seal of authenticity or validity.

Our Digital Accreditation seals and certificates confirm the authenticity of credentials, professional status, corporate roles and more. PrivySeals are embedded in email signatures, social media profiles, websites and digital signatures.

Clicking on a PrivySeal opens a Certificate of Verification, which provides more detail.

PrivySeal Sample

Sample of a PrivySeal

PrivySeal phone example
Sample of a PrivySeal in your Email Signature

How it works

Simply insert your PrivySeal into your email signature.

Your PrivySeal is a dynamic image containing verified information from a
trusted source. We check the information contained in your PrivySeal at
regular intervals to ensure it is still valid.

A PrivySeal only reflects valid information so, when you see a PrivySeal, you
know that the person's credentials are still valid.

When you include your PrivySeal in your email signature, people who read
an email message from you will see that your PrivySeal contains the date
and time the information about you was last checked.

This will be the current date, even if you sent the email months ago.

People you email can immediately verify your credentials.

The PrivySeal in your email signature clicks through to your Certificate of Verification.
PrivySeal devices example
Your PrivySeal in your email signature.
Your Certificate of Verification.

Digital Signatures

Our Extended Digital Signatures include information that has not, until now, been included in a Digital Signature.
In so doing our Digital Signatures evidence far more than identity and a timestamp.

The signatory's legal capacity, their role, credentials, the basis on which he or she is signing
or any other key information may all be incorporated into the Digital Signature itself.

Digital Signature Authority

Our Extended Digital Signatures reflect additional aspects
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